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Ric Cognitive Approach®

Evidence-based Specialized Program

  1. PSLE I’m Ready!
  2. ‘N’ Level I’m Ready!
  3. ‘O’ Level I’m Ready!
  4. ‘A’ Level I’m Ready!

*Applicable to any subjects once the students are able to apply the approach learnt to schoolwork

PSLE I'm Ready
  • Focusing on promoting excellence in academic performance, intellectual and IQ development
  • Developing the highest potential of each individual student
  • Enhancing fluid intelligence (IQ) with scientific evidence (please click here)
  • Empowering working memory with concrete evidence (please click here)
  • Promoting better academic performance with concrete evidence (please click here)
  • Developing creativity, positive attitude and self-confidence in learning
  • Reducing study time by engaging brain-based method into schoolwork
  • Experience the joy of learning and become a life-long learner
  • Focus is on both academics and brain development
Program Structure
Student’s Reflection