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Development of Drawing Test
Drawing Test

We need to present evidence of growth for transfer from Ric Cognitive Approach® training to measures of IQ and intellectual development for our students. There are two measurement instruments we use for such facilitation, namely the standardised IQ tests and Drawing tests. Regrettably, many parents do not have the knowledge on the cognitive value of drawing tests, and their association with children’s IQ.

The study of children’s drawings covers different concepts and is thus used as an instrument to estimate various types of functions. In particular, children’s drawings are very often linked to their IQ. Developed by Goodenough in 1926, Draw-A-Man test was the first scoring system to measure intelligence through children’s drawings.

Early Findings of Children’s Drawings*
Imagery Drawing Test Research at The University of Manchester*

* Copyright © 2011 Ric Chong. Extracted from our founder’s MEd PsyEd Dissertation at The University of Manchester, U.K.