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PSLE I’m Ready!

Charmaine Tan, from Qihua Primary School, joined Ric Cognitive Learning Center at the end of Primary 4. After going through one and a half years of cognitive developmental training and application of Ric Cognitive Approach®, her grades improved tremendously from 2 As, 1 B and 1 C in her Primary 5 SA1 to 3 As and 1 A* for her Primary 6 SA1. Charmaine’s level position also improved from 43rd to 9th. Mrs Tan said “Charmaine is always busy with her CCA and seldom does any revision at home. However, after joining RIC, her learning ability became exceptionally fast and her results improved tremendously. I am very satisfied and happy with her progress.”

10. AP - Charmaine Tan

Lee Ming Jun did badly for his Primary 5 SA1 (scoring 2 Ds, 1 E and 1 B) and his results worried his parents as PSLE was approaching. His parents enrolled him in RIC’s ‘PSLE I’m Ready!’ in July, hoping that this program will help Ming Jun improve his memory and learning approach as well as to be more well-equipped for PSLE next year. A year into the program, Ming Jun used our method and his SA2 results improved tremendously scoring 1 C and 3 Bs. Seeing how much he has progressed, Ming Jun’s interest towards studying has increased and he has much more confidence in the upcoming PSLE. – Featured in Lianhe Wanbao, Oct 2014

Gan Hong Wei’s parents enrolled him in RIC’s ‘PSLE I’m Ready!’ in November as they were worried for his PSLE seeing that he scored a total of 1 D and 3 Cs for his Primary 5 SA2. After 10 months of intensive training using Ric Cognitive Approach ®, Hong Wei’s Primary 6 SA2 improved to 1 C and 3 Bs. Seeing how Hong Wei has improved, his parents were pleased with his improvements and it boosted his confidence and changed his attitude towards studying. Hong Wei also received a trophy from RIC as an encouragement to keep up the good work. – Featured in Shin Min Daily News, Oct 2014

Zhu Hong Yue, who applied our approach to all school subjects, performed extremely well in PSLE with a score of 269. She joined RIC when she was in Primary 5. Prior to joining, her science results were fluctuating around 78-82%. After learning the method and applying it to her schoolwork, she has been getting 85-90% consistently. “The method learnt in RIC helped me a lot in my studies, making learning and memorising much easier and faster. Now, I can memorise Math formulas and Model Essays easily.” – Featured in Lianhe Wan Bao, May 2013

Phoong Zhia Wen started off with poor memory that affected her learning abilities. Due to this reason, her mother sent her to RIC after recommendation by her friends. Hence, she decided to enrol Zhia Wen into the program in Primary 4. After years of cognitive training, she was able to imagine and recite various Chinese and English essays within a stipulated time and did extremely well for her PSLE, with a score of 267. Zhia Wen mentioned that after joining the program, her learning ability increased tremendously, making it much easier for her to memorise Math formulas and Science facts. – Featured in Lianhe Wan Bao, May 2013

Koh Xin Yi, has been with Ric Cognitive since she was in Primary 4. She learnt the skill of mental imagery and together with the application of Ric Cognitive Approach®, her position in class improved from 19th to top three within a year. She did extremely well for PSLE (255) and entered the Integrated Program in Secondary School. – Featured in Shin Min Daily News, March 2012


Participant E, Primary 6 student, joined RIC’s ‘PSLE I’m Ready!’ in December last year. His Primary 5 SA2 results were not ideal, having 1 D, 2 Cs and 1 B. After undergoing 6 months of cognitive training with RIC, his results improved tremendously to 3 Bs and 1 A for his Primary 6 SA1 exams. The development and maturity of his brain can be seen from his drawing tests below:

As his drawings become more complex, his brain is also developing and maturing which can be seen through his academic improvement.

‘N’ or ‘O’ Levels I’m Ready!

Source: Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao