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Ric Cognitive Approach® Holiday Program

A fun and interesting way to experience our methodology.
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Ric Cognitive Approach®

Brain and Emotional-based Holiday Program

  1. NeuroCognitive Learning (IQ)
  2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  3. NeuroCognitive Learning + Emotional Intelligence (IQ+EQ)

Ric Cognitive Approach® Holiday Program Dates

29 May – 01 June 2023 (Eunos)NeuroCognitive Learning (IQ)10 am – 1 pm
29 May – 01 June 2023 (Eunos)Emotional Intelligence (EQ)2 pm – 5 pm
29 May – 01 June 2023 (Eunos)NeuroCognitive Learning and Emotional Intelligence (IQ+EQ)10 am – 5 pm
05 – 08 June 2023 (Beauty World)NeuroCognitive Learning (IQ)10 am – 1 pm
05 – 08 June 2023 (Beauty World)Emotional Intelligence (EQ)2 pm – 5 pm
05 – 08 June 2023 (Beauty World)NeuroCognitive Learning and Emotional Intelligence (IQ+EQ)10 am – 5 pm


NeuroCognitive Learning (6 – 17 years old)
How to engage your brain to learn? What is the multiple coding theory™, brain-based learning and mental imagery?


      • Uncover hidden abilities of using mental imagery to improve working memory, IQ and academic performance
      • Engaging multiple coding theory™ for the enhancement of brain stimulation and cognitive development
      • Learning brain-based method and reduce study time
      • Developing self-confidence and improve concentration through visual imagery
      • Experience the joy of learning and become a life-long learner

Program Structure

      • For 6 – 17 years old
      • Group according to age
      • Total of 12 hours
      • 3 or 4 days camp
      • Maximum 10 students per practitioner
      • Inclusive of refreshments and course handouts

Students’ Reflections


On the first day of the Holiday Program, I was scared as I thought that the program will be tough, but I was totally wrong! It was really fun. After four days of the program, the things Teacher Ric taught have been a great help to my studies and I find it a lot easier to study as compared to the past, where I did not use my brain to learn. I like the lesson very much as it helped me a lot! – P. N., Holiday Program participant

I like the Holiday Program as it helped me to use my brain to do work and trained my brain to imagine. I like Teacher Ric because he is smart and fast. I think I want to come more often to learn how to use my brain. Thank you Teacher Ric! – L. S., Holiday Program participant

I like Ric Cognitive Approach® Holiday Program because it helped me in my studies. Initially it was very difficult when we tried out the games but after Teacher Ric taught us the brain-based method on using our brain to imagine, it was much easier. I like the method because it was very interesting and fun. It is also very different from other tuition centres. I look forward to joining the Ric Cognitive Develomental Program! – C. T., Holiday Program participant

I joined Ric Cognitive Learning Center’s Holiday Program. I felt that it was fun, interesting and helpful! – Y. Z., Holiday Program participant

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) (6-17 years old)
NeuroCognitive Learning + Emotional Intelligence (IQ+EQ) (6-17 years old)