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Cognitive Training Singapore – Ric Cognitive Approach® is a brain and cognitive training program from Singapore, designed to enhance the IQ, working memory and academic performance for 4-17 years old. Students will undergo solid imagery and working memory training for 7-9 months before we proceed to school academics. Our class size is fairly small with no more than 6 participants to a professional practitioner. The training is mostly practitioner-student interactions with no computerised tasks involved.

Our cognitive approach has been enhancing students’ working memory, IQ and their academic results. Based on the data we obtained, the results suggested that we have succeeded in increasing students’ scores on standardised IQ tests. Many of our students’ fluid intelligence have improved tremendously within a year. The training focuses on mental imagery based on our Multiple Coding Theory™.

At RIC, we provide highly stimulating training and multi-sensory imagery-focused experiences for our students that will enhance their working memory, IQ and eventually their academic results. Students will be administered with Imagery Drawing Test periodically so as to monitor the effects of cognitive training on their cognitive development.

Other than drawing tests that provide qualitative information about students’ intellectual development, we also administer standardised IQ Tests that provide quantitative information about the effects of cognitive training on their IQ. The IQ Tests have been designed to measure the reasoning ability, the fluid intelligence in children and young people through abstract reasoning tasks. These are non-verbal IQ Tests typically used in research and education settings with high reliability and validity.

From 2005, we distanced ourselves from the term ‘right-brain training’ because imaging research has shown that both left and right hemispheres are integrated into all problem-solving.

Convincing Evidence that Ric Cognitive Approach® is Effective


The tables below show our students’ progression in IQ, working memory and academic performance respectively after attending Ric Cognitive Approach®.


IQ Improvement after Cognitive Training Singapore Memory Improvement after Cognitive Training Singapore Improvement in Academic Performance after Cognitive Training Singapore

Source: Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao

Cognitive Training Singapore