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Cognitive Training to Enhance Memory, IQ and Academic Performance

Cognitive Training to Enhance Memory, IQ and Academic Performance

Many think of IQ as a fixed indicator of one’s intelligence, but one’s IQ score can change over time, if you know how.

May/June 2021 – Published in POPCLUB Education Guide

By Ric Chong MBPsS, Assoc MAPS, MEd PsyEd (Manchester), MSc (Keele), BA (Hons) (Wolverhampton)

Singapore’s rigorous education system places a substantial amount of pressure on parents and children. Students are required to remember vast amounts of information everyday but are rarely taught the proper method to execute such tasks. Despite allocating ample time and effort into their academic studies, many students were unable to achieve their full potential at school. The majority of these children face challenges in their memory capacity. Overcoming this issue requires proper learning methods that help them to retain the information learnt, and this can be done through cognitive training.

Cognitive training can benefit students of all calibre by improving their working memory and IQ, which in turn enhances their learning ability and performance in school. Afterall, memory plays a vital role in children’s learning and is essential for all activities. We rely on memory to retain knowledge, keep track of ideas, and more. It is important to keep in mind that memory is often the foundation to more advanced skills. In cognitive training, students are trained to encode information such as model essays, scientific and mathematical concepts into their short-term memory. Thereafter, they are encouraged to recall and apply the information in their studies using their working memory.

Case Study

Roxanne started cognitive training since she was five. After a year of cognitive training, her IQ score improved from 110 to above 140. 3 years later, her IQ is equivalent to the 95th percentile rank of individuals aged 18 years old. Her drawings (as shown below) also demonstrated significant intellectual advancement following cognitive training, adding credence to the transfer effect.


Her working memory and learning ability has also improved significantly after cognitive training. Roxanne was able to memorize a 292-word essay in 20 minutes with 98.6% accuracy. Using cognitive approach, RIC center guided Roxanne for all 4 subjects throughout Primary School. Without additional tuition, she scored 4 A* in her PSLE with a score of 263. Her academic performance after years of cognitive training is reflected in the table below:


The transfer effect from cognitive training can aid memory, IQ and academic performance in children. With proper guidance and cognitive training, all children can have the opportunity to excel.

Adapted from Cognitive Training to Enhance Memory, IQ and Academic Performance and <<如何以认知训练加强记忆、智商、与学业成绩>>

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