Cognitive Training to Improve Intelligence

Cognitive Training to Improve Intelligence

May/June 2019 – Published in POPCLUB Education Guide

By Ric Chong MBPsS, Assoc MAPS, MEd PsyEd (Manchester), MSc (Keele), BA (Hons) (Wolverhampton)

Improving one’s intelligence can sometimes be an abstract concept that leaves parents at a loss. One method that can be considered is Cognitive Training. Although it involves training tasks completely different from measures of fluid intelligence (IQ), IQ tests reflect a transfer effect of improvements in intellectual abilities due to cognitive training.

There are many research studies and findings supporting the fact that cognitive training helps to improve students’ IQ tremendously. Children’s intelligence improved significantly within 12 months of cognitive training and is further supported by the results of drawing tests.

Take for example a child who has undergone cognitive training since the age of five, the evidence of the transfer effect from cognitive training to the measure of IQ is presented below. With regular administration of standardized IQ tests and drawing tests, one can assess the child’s IQ and intellectual development. After a year of cognitive training, the child’s IQ score improved from 110 to above 140, which is equivalent to the 99.9 percentile rank of her age group. Four years later, at 10 years old, the child’s IQ is equivalent to the 95 percentile rank within the population aged 18 years old, which would indicate that the child’s intellectual ability has reached the same capacity as that of the top 5 percent of 18-year-olds. In addition, the child’s drawings also demonstrate significant intellectual advancement following cognitive training.


Based on data collected from IQ and drawing tests, as shown in Figure 1, one’s IQ can benefit from the extended duration of cognitive training the child receives, in which the longer the duration of cognitive training, the greater the increase in IQ.

The child spends 20 minutes to remember and reproduce a novel essay and can reproduce 261 out of 272 words – that is 96 percent accurate. The child did not attend any tuition and performed consistently well in school. Her academic performance after years of cognitive training is reflected in the table below:


Ric Cognitive Learning Centre has been widely publicised in local media (SPH Lianhe Wanbao & SPH Shin Min Daily News) as the first learning centre in Singapore to have successfully improved children’s IQ, audited by TC&P Public Accountants and Chartered Accountants Singapore in 2016.

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