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Memory, Cognitive and Brain Training

2002: Started providing memory, cognitive and brain training in some areas of Singapore.

2002: Interviewed by Lianhe Zaobao about our program, an article on ‘Left And Right Hemispheres To Enhance Our Memory’ was published.

2002: Invited by Channel 8 ‘Good Morning Singapore’ Program to share our expertise in memory, cognitive and brain training.

2003: Interviewed and featured on Channel U News about our cognitive and brain training.

2003: Interviewed by Lianhe Zaobao about our program, an article on ‘Developing Our Child’s Mind’s Eye’ was published.

2004: The evolution of Multiple Coding Theory™ from Ric’s Ed.D (Doctor of Education) studies.

2005: Ric Cognitive Learning Center (RIC) was established in a shop house along East Coast Road.

2006: Our founder invented “Cognitive Developmental Assessment Through Mental Imagery (CDATMI)” Drawing Test, CDATMI Drawing Test has integrated into Ric Cognitive Approach program to monitor the intellectual development of our students.

2009: Emailed some anonymous CDATMI Drawing Tests of our students to a Harvard University professor. He commented that the drawings of our students showed compelling evidence of growth.

2011: Our founder conducted a correlation study between drawing test scores and IQ under the supervision of Dr. Wigelsworth at The University of Manchester, UK. 684 children between the ages of 7 and 11 from a public primary school participated in the study. The results revealed that the correlations between the Goodenough-Harris Draw-A-Person Test and Imagery Drawing Test scores were high and significant (r=.64, p<.001) and provided validity support for the Imagery Drawing Test. Cognitive Developmental Assessment Through Mental Imagery (CDATMI) has simplified to Imagery Drawing Test (IDT) in complement to the research.

2011: In order to provide a better learning environment for our students, RIC has shifted to Katong Shopping Centre.

2013: Administered the measures of intelligence into our program. Students’ scores on standardised IQ tests were measured before and after attending our program.

2013: Invited by Shin Min Daily News to give a talk on ‘The Relationship Between Children’s Drawings and Their Intelligence’ at Singapore Book Fair.

2014: Invited by Lianhe Wanbao to give a talk on ‘Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ’ at Health & Beauty Fair 2014.

2014: Research findings from Dr Rosalind Arden et al. from world-leading university, King’s College London has supported our claim that children’s drawings can predict their intelligence.

2014: Invited for the media interview by MediaCorp Good Morning Singapore TV programme. Issues such as how to develop our brain, activities of left and right hemispheres, Imagery Drawing Test (IDT), and the relationships between children’s drawings and intellectual abilities were discussed.

2015: Participated in Smartkids Asia 2015 for our branding awareness before we step our foot into the global arena.

2016: Based on the data we obtained from IQ scores of our students before and after attending our program, we have succeeded in improving students’ IQ tremendously, and their scores on standardised measures of fluid intelligence (IQ) improved significantly within a year. Both images of the drawing tests and the measures of IQ in percentile rank suggested that the intellectual development and fluid intelligence (IQ) of our students have significantly increased after Ric Cognitive Approach® cognitive and brain training.

2016: Engaged TC&P Public Accountants and Chartered Accountants Singapore to perform audit procedures in evaluating the validity of our claim. After the audit procedures, TC&P concluded with the following findings, “Our findings showed that the Company has succeeded in improving the students’ IQ”

2016: Became a member of Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore)

2016: Participated in Macao Franchise Expo 2016

2017: 新加坡首家学习中心提升学生IQ获认证 (16/5/2017 – 联合晚报)

2017: RIC全脑潜能中心,新加坡第一家提升学生IQ获认证 (20/5/2017 – 新明日报)

2018: Awarded ‘Best Cognitive Training Programme’ by Singapore’s Child

2018: Our first book ‘Cognitive Training to Enhance Memory, IQ and Academic Performance’ was published

2019: Published the chinese edition of our book ‘如何以认知训练加强记忆,智商与学业成绩’

2019: Expanded our footprints by opening a second branch in Beauty World Centre

2020: Awarded ‘SME 500 Singapore Company’

2002 – 2022: Featured on MediaCorp Channel 8, Channel U, The Straits Times, The New Paper, Singapore’s Child, Parent’s Guide, PopClub Education Guide, 联合早报,新明日报,联合晚报,联合晚报保健手册 and 马来西亚光明日报.