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Ric Cognitive Approach® Enrichment Programs

Since 2002, we are specialised in providing cognitive and brain training enrichment classes in Singapore. Our approach engages the Multiple Coding Theory™ with emphasis on imagery code to enhance students’ working memory, IQ and academic results. Based on our data, we have succeeded in enhancing students’ fluid intelligence (IQ) significantly within a year. These findings replicated various research conducted at universities.

Our students’ IQ progression and their intellectual development will be systematically measured during the span of the program. Parents will observe that their child’s learning and memory abilities are enhanced significantly after a period of time due to memory and IQ progressions, together with better concentration and academic performance. We have various enrichment classes that cater to your child’s needs:

  1. Evidence-based Developmental Program
  2. Evidence-based Specialized Program
  3. Brain and Emotional-based Holiday Program
  4. For Teachers/Parents