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Developmental Program


Jeanne Chong (5 years old), from My First Skool, started cognitive developmental training at Ric Cognitive Learning Center since N2. After a year of training, her memory and learning ability increased significantly, requiring only a few minutes to learn Pri 1 or Pri 2 spelling. She has no problem with memorizing both English and Chinese essays. Her Raven’s IQ test showed that she scored top 5% based on the age group of 7.5 years old (2 years older than her). Now, she is preparing Primary 1 schoolwork. – Featured in Shin Min Daily News, May 2015


Roxanne Chong, Kindergarten 2, joined RIC and started using Ric Cognitive Approach® when she was in Kindergarten 1. Now, she is able to learn new words in a short amount of time and memorise 40 pictures or a 50-word passage in just 15 minutes. Her drawing test, below, showed that Roxanne’s drawings became more mature and her cognitive ability greatly improved after going through the Cognitive Developmental training. She is now studying Primary 1 school materials to prepare her for her new phase in education. – Featured in The New Paper, Nov 2014


Evie Lu, joined RIC when she was in Kindergarten 2. A year later, her learning and cognitive ability was so strong that she was able to learn a new word in less than a minute. In Primary 1, she scored full marks for both English and Math. She even used the method to memorise the script for her school’s ‘Show and Tell’. Mrs Lu said “Evie really enjoyed the class and found it fun and interesting.” As seen from her drawings below, Evie’s brain development and cognitive ability increased significantly. – Featured in Shin Min Daily News, May 2013


Austin Tan, currently in Primary 3, started this program when he was in Kindergarten 2. At that time, Mrs Tan was searching for a program that could help Austin with his learning and intelligence. She came to know of RIC through friends and enrolled Austin for our program. After few months of training, Austin proceeded on to Primary 1 and did exceptionally well in Primary 1 and 2, getting over 90 marks for all his subjects. Mr and Mrs Tan were so satisfied with our program, saying “Austin is able to learn both English and Chinese spelling by himself without supervision. He is able to learn 20 new words by himself in 5 minutes. Now, Austin is very independent and does not need me to worry and supervise.” Featured in Lianhe Wanbao, May 2014.


A Primary 4 English book was randomly flipped and given to two K2 students, Lynette Teo and Keziah Lam, to complete. Within 10 minutes, both girls did 10 questions and Keziah scored 8 questions while Lynette scored 5. The girls were asked to learn from their mistakes by providing the answers and understanding why they got the questions wrong.

Thereafter, they were tested verbally on the wrong questions as well as spelling of words which they didn’t know. Both were able to answer fluently and even spell the words backwards with no mistake, becoming second nature to them.

Both girls completed the Cognitive Developmental Program, consisting of 5 terms and applied the approach of Mental Imagery to their schoolwork. – Featured in Shin Min Daily News, Nov 2007

4 year later, both were enrolled into Gifted Education Program (GEP). –Featured in Shin Min Daily News, Nov 2011